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With the help of Orlando Electrician Service, you can get the best tips and services in our crews. Now is the ideal opportunity to upgrade to LED landscape lights and indoor light fixtures. LEDs use one-tenth of the wattage of traditional bulbs, they last longer, and they produce little to no heat, which helps to further minimize the cooling burden of your AC system. Ventilating attic fans are a must in areas where attic spaces can reach up to 120 degrees or more. With the best fan system installed, you reduce the amount of heat that builds in your home, lessening stress on your cooling systems and making it easier to maintain your home comfort in one easy install. The spring is often the most enjoyable season Phoenix experiences. However, as we begin to edge closer to the summer, you’ll start struggling with turning your thermostat up and down following our shifting weather. A programmable thermostat can not only do this for you, but it can also do the task more accurately and efficiently, ultimately saving on energy use. The better models can even learn your preferences and streamline AC use accordingly, adding further energy savings. Armed with these energy-saving tips, you’re ready to enjoy the spring! It’s all about minimizing use without compromising on your comfort. If you’re interested in electrical upgrades that help you save energy, or if your home needs electrical work done this spring, call on Orlando Electrician Service. Our electricians are trained, certified, and highly experienced when it comes to helping homeowners make their space more energy-efficient. At this point in time, we are so dependent on electricity that we almost take it for granted, that is until it comes time to pay the electric bills. Electric bills can be costly if you’re not paying attention to how much electricity you are using. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can save energy around the home to save some money on your electric bills. The following are just a few tips for doing so. Installing dimmers on your home’s general lighting can be a very effective way to cut down on your energy use. You rarely need all of the light that dealing light fixture provides, especially in the bedroom or dining room areas, where less light can actually help improve the atmosphere. Dimmers allow you to control the amount of light being produced, which lets you use less electricity as a result. You may take care to turn off electrical devices and appliances when you’re not using them, but did you know that they will continue to absorb energy as long as they are plugged in? This is often referred to as “vampire power.” According to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 75 percent of the electrical use by electronic devices occurs while they are turned off but remain plugged in. Power strips will cut off the flow of electricity once you turn them off. You can also use smart tips, which will automatically cut off power to any device plugged in that’s been turned off.

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